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Coral Drake

Education: I majored in communications at Dreyfoos High School of the Arts. I received my Bachelor’s in English with Honors with a focus in Creative Writing and minors in Psychology and Philosophy from Stetson University.

Work History: I have been a professional freelance writer for over four years. My clients have included Dogviously, Best Boat Report, and GR0 Content. I regularly write for small businesses, SEO companies and affiliate websites and have a published book on Amazon. Previously, I have taught English as a second language to Taiwanese students, managed a dog daycare, and worked as a client liaison of integrative, neurologic, and zoo medicines at the UF Small Animal Hospital.

Having three or more children is such a joy. You’re guaranteed never-ending fun and more willing participants at pillow fights. However, building a dream home for a large brood can be a daunting task. Fitting five or more people in one dwelling and comfortably at that would require your creative juices flowing. This is why …

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