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Container Homes Made Easy Program

Want to build a container home for your family, but not sure
where to start?

Over HALF of people who start planning a container home never even break ground on their build.

Keep reading to start your build ASAP and avoid costly mistakes.

Are you anxious about getting started building your container home?

I get it. Building a custom home is one of the toughest yet rewarding things you can do. Providing shelter for your family is priceless.

I was in your shoes not that long ago.

In 2016 I visited The Container Park in downtown Las Vegas and saw how shipping containers can be used for everyday needs. From that point on I was completely hooked. I HAD to build a container home for my family!

Our Story

See, we had been living in a traditional home at the time.

It was fine.

Not great, but not terrible either. Just….meh. We had always wanted something a bit different than everyone else. We wanted a more sustainable design that’s better for the environment. Something that’s faster to build, customizable, and more durable. And we knew we wanted to build a home that wouldn’t put us in debt for decades. In short, we wanted freedom.

So We Decided We Had to Change. We Decided on Building a Container Home.

The project to build a container home took us two years and a lot of struggle, heartache, and frustration. Don’t get me wrong, the end result is fantastic. We love our new home. My family is a million times happier now that we get to do the activities that bring us joy in a space that inspires us.

But it was a tough process, especially when getting started!

I’ve talked with a bunch of people who were first-time container home builders and they all said something along these lines…”I wish I had someone who could’ve helped me during the build. Some sort of advisor or mentor.”

That’s Where I Come In

If you allow me, I’ll be your teacher and leader as you build your container home, from start to finish. Don’t “go it alone” and try to figure everything out by yourself.

I made every mistake in the book during my build. Rather than watching others make the same blunders, I’ve put everything I learned into this program.

This program is the result of my painstaking process to build a container home for my family. I’ve condensed seven years of experience into this program — for you.

I made mistakes that cost me months of my time and tens of thousands of dollars. Learn from my blunders!

Building a Container Home can be a complete money pit.

If you allow it, that is.

Here are some of the key lessons you’ll learn in our program

We share the best (and worst) states to build a container home in due to zoning and regulations. If you’re in one of the worst states, we share our tips for getting your project approved
If you’re trying to build a shipping container as an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) you’ll need our advice on doing exactly this
Shipping container homes draw on a very unique architectural style – we’ll share what that style is and how to heighten it.
How to accurately predict how long the planning and building process will take – and help you get in front of any snafus!
If you’re looking for a plot of land to build on, we share what makes for a “good” plot of land and a “great” plot of land. And we’ll share what features are an absolute “no go”!
The weather you live in can have a huge impact on your build. We share what you need to consider if you live in a cold climate.
Origin of shipping container homes, how they evolved from a transportation vessel to an entirely new home style
Our tips for securing land, a loan, and a builder with NO money down. Absolutely none!
The best way to get a good deal on a shipping container is to go straight to the ports. We detail how to get a container directly from the source
Shipping container homes allow you to build up, rather than out, which has a huge impact on your overall footprint and is great for urban areas
There’s plenty of different types of steel you can use for a shipping container home. There’s one you should favor over the others, and we share what that is

Don’t walk in blind to your container home project.

Or you might get nailed!

Here are some of the ways we’ll help you get ahead of things that can go wrong

It’s possible to build a container home using 100% renewable materials. We’ll give you all the info you need to make that happen!
Some container homes can end up looking very industrial on the inside. Some like that look, but if you want your home to look more traditional on the interior we share our tips!
Many people build shipping container homes as a tiny home. That’s great if you want a tiny home, but if you want a traditional-size home we share our #1 tip
Some groups of people are perfect for container homes, and other groups are not. We explain in detail so you know that container homes are for you!
One of the biggest challenges with container homes is securing financing. We walk you through what you need to know – even if you have perfect credit you’ll need this info!
The #1 thing that’s on everybody’s mind when building is how much the build will COST. We get “into the weeds” on accurately estimating the cost of your build!
If you’re looking to build from scratch, there’s a little known secret about what you need to do in order to get adequate homeowners insurance after it’s done. We spill the beans!
A mistake that we made was not getting an appraisal of our property after the build. We share why it’s so important to do that
We originally built without a solid floor plan in place. That was a mistake. With our bundle, you’ll get 80+ floor plans so you can know exactly what to build
A huge myth about container homes is that their resale value is somehow lower than that of traditional homes. Wrong, wrong, and wrong! We explain how to future-proof your build in order to maximize resale value

Our Program Will Help You During Your Journey!

Our Program Includes:

How to gather ideas, plan, and execute your container home build from the concrete slab to interior finishings
How to find vacant land and how to prepare it for construction
How to get a certificate of occupancy from your city or county – on the first try!

Our Program Includes:

Over 80+ container home floor plans ranging from 2 bedroom to 6 bedroom designs
Many floor plans have exciting features such as a breezeway, 3 40′ containers, L shaped homes, and mores
These plans will give you inspiration for your container home build and help you gather price quotes from builders

Why Container Home Hub?

You Can Trust Us

Editorial teams and journalists from outlets such as the Redfin, Green Matters,, The Architecture Designs, Earth 911, House Digest, Build Magazine, Maxable Space, Attainable Home, Big Steel Box, and more have turned to Container Home Hub for information and guidance on shipping container homes. We’ve earned their trust, and we want to earn yours too.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re still not sure, here’s something to think over.

If you haven’t gotten value after going through our program in full and starting on your container home build, we’ll refund you within 45 days of your purchase. No fuss, no problems. How does that sound?

The Program

The information you need to build your dream container home!


154 Page Full eBook
Full step-by-step instructions from land to move-in day
Available Instantly After Ordering

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The Bundle

The complete bundle to accelerate your container home build journey.


154 Page Full eBook
80+ Container home floor plans
Everything in The Program
– AND –
Everything in the Floor Plans

Checkout is through our payment processor SendOwl.

The Floor Plans

Over 80+ floor plans to inspire your build and get quotes from vendors!


1 – 6 bedroom homes
Available Instantly After Ordering

Checkout is through our payment processor SendOwl.

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