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About the blog

Container Home Hub is a blog dedicated to showcasing traditional and non-traditional dream homes of all sizes. Since visiting The Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas a few years ago, I have been enthralled by the various ways people are using items such as shipping containers. This blog, originally forged from my own personal interest in shipping container homes, has grown and is intended to be a significant resource for all home enthusiasts/dreamers!

I am currently finalizing plans for my own shipping container home to build in the most near future; our in-depth research is shared with you via Container Home Hub blog!  If you have a dream home you’d like to share, please do so at containerhomehub [at] gmail [dot] com!

About me

Hi there! My name is Nancy and I am the brains behind the operation. I am Texas born and raised, a tea enthusiast, and Eiffel Tower obsessed (may be the part of why I like metal structures).

This blog is to not only share some of the most interesting and beautiful shipping container homes out there, but to give me the perfect idea of how I want my future shipping container home to be!


Amanda Armendariz

Amanda is a custom home enthusiast who has an absolute passion for shipping container homes. With a degree in Marriage and Family Studies, Amanda contributes regularly on topics related to container homes and how they can positively impact your family’s lifestyle and overall contentedness.

Amanda’s goal is to help encourage you and give you the right information and tools to navigate whatever life storms are thrown your way.

Coral Drake

Education: I majored in communications at Dreyfoos High School of the Arts. I received my Bachelor’s in English with Honors with a focus in Creative Writing and minors in Psychology and Philosophy from Stetson University.

Work History: I have been a professional freelance writer for over four years. My clients have included Dogviously, Best Boat Report, and GR0 Content. I regularly write for small businesses, SEO companies and affiliate websites and have a published book on Amazon. Previously, I have taught English as a second language to Taiwanese students, managed a dog daycare, and worked as a client liaison of integrative, neurologic, and zoo medicines at the UF Small Animal Hospital.

Gail Rose

Gail Rose is a prolific home and construction freelancer writer with a focus on prefab homes, tiny homes, barndominiums, and shipping container homes.

Since 2017 Gail has been poring her heart and soul into writing about these homes and she is known in the industry as the go-to person for writing about custom homes.

Michael O’Connor

I have been a freelance writer since 2015, when I began writing content for sites such as Textbroker, Constant Content, and Zerys. Since then, I have written hundreds of articles on dozens of topics. Because of this, I have learned to write concise, well-researched content no matter what the niche may be.

Writing for the big content marketing platforms has been my bootcamp. I have learned to hustle, to write cleanly, and to do it all day long. Research, though, has been by far the most valuable skill I have acquired over the years.

Currently I focused on home/home improvement/DIY topics!

What is a shipping container home?

A shipping container home utilizes steel intermodal freight containers, also referred to as shipping containers, as the main structural element.

Why use shipping containers?

Shipping container architecture is extremely green, allows for the most unique innovations, and has grown significantly in the past five years. Shipping containers are tremendously strong, widely available, and are priced very reasonably; these characteristics lend themselves to the designers that want to build homes that are most eco-friendly.  The use of shipping containers allows for decreased costs and build time as compared to traditional building materials such as brick and cement.

There are a number of excellent reasons to invoke the use shipping containers for home building!

  • Strong & Durable

Shipping containers are designed for the ease of transport, storage, and handling of cargo.  Shipping containers or intermodal freight containers are welded steel boxes capable of carrying heavy cargo and are designed to be stacked in columns. The steel protects the contents from outside damage due to handling or weather conditions. The strong steel design also provides security for the cargo.

  • Modular Design

Shipping containers are designed for the ease of transport, with a defined dimensions.  The standard width, lengths, & heights allow for the stacking of shipping containers into high columns displaying their most modular design.  They are designed to interlock when stacked for transport.  This design element makes shipping containers ideal for use in the construction of smaller structures. The portable nature of the containers also lends itself to easier transportation to the building site.

  • Widely Availability & Green/Eco-Friendly

Shipping containers are widely available worldwide due to their use in international trade.  Used shipping containers can be found around the globe at a far reduced price, perfect for the structural element of many construction applications. Used shipping containers in the United States range from about $700 to $1500.

Shipping containers are widely available in part by shippers only using them one way.  They find it cheaper to buy a new container in the country of origin then to ship their empty containers to the exporter.  The use of shipping containers as structural building materials not only puts to use what would become scrap steel, but also reducing the amount of traditional construction material that will be needed.

  • Minimal Foundation Requirements

Due to the fact that shipping containers are designed to be supported by four corners, the foundation requirements are minimal.  For construction purposes your foundation only requires four columns rather than expensive cement slabs.


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