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5 Simple Shipping Container Homes You’ll Love

5 Simple Shipping Container Homes You’ll Love

Affordable, easy to assemble, and eco-friendly—it’s no secret that the shipping container home is a growing home alternative trend in sustainable living. 

Planning your dream home but on a budget? These shipping container homes start for as little as $10,000, and while they can go up to $185,000, these prices are still significantly lower than the average cost of a regular house in the United States.

As a starting point for your inspiration journey to building one of your own, check out these five simple shipping container homes that use a variety of styles without breaking the bank.

5 Simple Shipping Container Homes

1. “A Simple Life” Container Home

simple shipping container homes

This “A Simple Life” container home, created and named by Container Built, illustrates the beauty and elegance of simplicity in everyday life to remind you that there is meaning in everything.

A well-constructed container home, such as this one, will have a fully framed interior and insulated walls to provide you with the same level of comfort as a traditional home. Additionally, the light colors painted on the home contribute to its airy feel, while the wooden elements add a sense of natural beauty. 

This container home’s most striking features are its open layout and large wraparound porch. In homes where space is limited, having a usable outdoor area is essential, and a rooftop area is a clever way to maximize the amount of space available to you.

Despite its limited size, a creative floor plan and clever design choices allowed this home to be as beautiful as it is.

2. The Little Red Hen Cabin

This tiny cabin provides the rustic charm through a container home.

Who says you can’t up the rustic charm with a container home? Amidst the wide variety of container homes that provide contemporary appeal, the Little Red Hen Cabin container home is among the most charming of those available.

This tiny Texan cabin is made from the heart, adorned with red exterior paneling made from reclaimed 100-year-old wood from an old barn, giving it an old-fashioned country feel. The interior provides a similarly cozy ambiance with reclaimed wood—wood elements, in general, are the main accent.

As with a tiny cabin, the floor plan is created with functionality, such as maintaining space for a kitchen, an island counter, and a sitting area in one small space without feeling crowded while maintaining a cozy appeal.

With its striking red exterior, a second level that adds a layer of depth, and a small front porch with plant boxes and rocking chairs, this home provides an old-charm feel that will surely comfort any homeowner.

3. Blue Steel: Tiny Home in the Cedars

The striking contrast from the exterior and interior makes this home worth checking out.

The ultimate tiny home is available for you and your family to enjoy when you’re in Dallas. Blue Steel: Tiny Home in the Cedars is the ultimate space-utilizing home you’ve been looking for.

With a striking blue exterior that is bold and proud to show off its container home look, there’s much more to this house than meets the eye. This tiny home has two bedrooms, three beds, and one bathroom, which can easily fit a four-person family. 

On top of that, there are rustic varnished boards throughout the entire abode, as well as sleek finishes and modern appliances. This cleverly created second room, which features a lofted bedroom and a large living room with a TV, demonstrates the home’s ability to utilize the space to its maximum potential.

It also features an understated exterior that contrasts sharply with the cozy wooden interior, presenting a unique approach to home design and making it worth checking out.

4. Delphine Marie-Laure Alise’s Sweet Container Home Studio

Wooden finishes of this home seamlessly integrate the home's exterior and interior.

In a small space, you can create a simple yet sophisticated home such as this Delphine Marie-Laure Alise’s Sweet Container Home Studio.

There is an attractive wood finish throughout the entirety of this shipping container home, which ties the exterior and interior together seamlessly. The large windows also let in a lot of natural light to provide the inside of the home with a feeling of openness. 

White is the predominant color throughout the space, which gives the home a light and airy appearance. Additionally, wooden finishings provide a nice contrast to the pale interior.

A simple shipping container home proves that it does not take much space to live a good life. It is possible to transform any space, no matter how simple or small, into the home of your dreams with sophisticated home design and proper planning. 

5. Devine, Texas Quaint and Cozy Shipping Container Home

An escape from the chaos of the city.

The Quaint and Cozy Shipping Container Home in Devine, Texas, by the Galvans, provides the comfort that one needs to live a simple and comfortable life away from all the commotion of the big city.

From the stylish on-trend matte black paint of the home to the string of lights and shade cover, as well as the spacious wooden deck for entertaining or enjoying a quiet meal, the Galvans truly created an outdoor living space worth basking in.

A floor plan that makes the most of the limited space in this container home ensures that the interior does not feel cluttered or crowded, thanks to light-colored walls and clean wood floors. 

Creating a functional and cozy space is no easy task, but thanks to the ingenuity of these container home creators, the ideas can work for your container home as well.

Final Thoughts

With these simple container homes, hopefully, you will see that container homes are a great traditional home alternative you can customize based on your needs and preferences at a reasonable price.

Have you been thinking about building your dream container home? You might want to check out our Shipping Container Home Pros and Cons guide.

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