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Building Shipping Container Home In Arkansas- A Complete Guide.

Building Shipping Container Home In Arkansas- A Complete Guide.

If you’re considering building a shipping container home in Arkansas, there are a few things you should know before getting started. Shipping container homes are an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to traditionally built homes. They’re strong and durable and can be built relatively quickly and easily.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about building a shipping container home from the initial planning stages to the finished product. We’ll also touch on some of the challenges you may face along the way and how to overcome them.

So, if you’re ready to get started on your shipping container home in Arkansas, read on for everything you need to know.

What Is a Shipping Container and What Are Some of the Advantages?

shipping container home Arkansas

Before we get into how to select the best floor plans as well as how to obtain insurance for a shipping container home in Arkansas, let’s cover some of the basics. Shipping container homes are homes built using one or more shipping containers as the primary structure. They come 8 feet wide and come in two standard lengths: 20 feet and 40 feet. They’re made of steel, making them extremely strong and long-lasting.

Shipping container homes can be built to any size or specification and can be customized to include features like windows, doors, and balconies. Shipping container homes are also eco-friendly, as they use recycled materials.

Cost of Building a Shipping Container Home?

The cost of building a shipping container home in Arkansas will depend on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the home, the number of shipping containers used, and the type of finishing materials used. Shipping containers themselves typically cost between $1,500 and $3,000. However, to completely build your home in Arkansas the price could range anywhere from 50,000 and can cost as much as $250,000.

Building a Shipping Container Home: The Process

Now that you know what is a shipping container home, let’s get into the process of building one in Arkansas. These homes can be built using either new or used shipping containers. If you’re planning to use new containers, you’ll need to purchase them from a supplier. Used shipping containers can be purchased from salvage yards or online retailers.

Once you have your shipping containers, the next step is to prepare the foundation. Shipping container homes can be built on any type of foundation, including a concrete slab, pier, beam, or even a floating foundation. The foundation you choose will need to be able to support the weight of the shipping containers and any additional features, such as a deck or balcony.

Once the foundation is in place, you can start building your home. Shipping container homes can also be built using prefabricated kits or obtaining a contractor who can help with your floor plans as well as oversee the construction of your home.

How to Find a Builder For a Shipping Container in Arkansas

If you’re planning to build a shipping container home in Arkansas, you’ll need to find a builder who is experienced in building a container home. Shipping container homes are still relatively new, and as such, there aren’t many contractors with experience building them. You may need to hire a general contractor and then subcontract the work out to specialists.

Shipping Container Home Builders in Arkansas

You can start your search for a builder by asking friends and family if they know of anyone who has experience building shipping container homes. You can also search online for builders in your area. Once you’ve found a few potential builders, be sure to check their references and ask for examples of their work.

Here are some builders in Arkansas:

  • Arkansas Containers, LLC: Arkansas offers a variety of sizes and custom modifications. They are a great contact if looking for containers to be put on your own lot and handle the deliveries! Give them a call today and see how they can help you in your container build. They also make modifications to your shipping container including the addition of doors, windows, painting, vents, and a variety of other items.
  • CDI Contractors: Ready to work with you on any build or renovation project. They offer many services that may help you achieve your goal of building your own container home.

Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Arkansas Shipping Container Marketplace helps buyers learn what shipping container is suitable for them and help them. With over 60 depots and thousands of containers on hand, they offer great prices for shipping containers. They have online direct checkout and a digital cart to help you find what you are looking for!

Arkansas Containers LLC

Arkansas Containers LLC serves Arkansas and Southern Missouri. They have container homes for sale and rent and have financing and rent-to-own options. They have 20 and 40 shipping containers available. You can choose to inspect your containers before you buy.

Conex Depot

Conex Depot provides friendly service to their customers to help them find the shipping containers they are looking for at the best price. Because of their long-established business relationships, they are able to find inventory throughout the entire world.

Harper Steel

Harper Steel has been in business since 2001. They have been providing high-quality shipping containers for their customers since then. They have 10, 20, and 40 shipping containers available for you to choose from.

Designing a Floor Plan for a Shipping Container Home 

floor plan shipping container home arkansas

When it comes to designing a floor plan for a shipping container home, the sky’s the limit. Shipping containers can be combined in endless ways to create homes of all shapes and sizes. However, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when designing your floor plan.

First, you’ll need to decide how many shipping containers you want to use. You can use one or multiple shipping containers to create your floor plan.

Next, you’ll need to decide how you want to arrange the shipping containers. Shipping containers can be arranged side-by-side, stacked on top of each other, or even arranged diagonally.

Finally, you’ll need to decide what features you want to include in your floor plan. Shipping container homes can include all the same features as a traditional home, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more.

No matter how you design it, a shipping container home is sure to be unique. This container home design software can help you design your perfect home!

How to Obtain Shipping Container Insurance

Shipping container homes are typically insured under standard homeowner’s insurance policies. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance company to make sure that your policy covers shipping container homes. You may also need to purchase additional insurance to cover any unique features of your home.


If you would like more guides like this one, be sure to check out the rest of There, you will find information on these amazing homes as well as some featured container homes. These can help you get inspired and start thinking about your custom dream house. 

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