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Greetings from Kentucky! 🙂

Today on Container Home Hub, we are taking a closer look at this beautifully rustic shipping container cabin, located in rural Kentucky. The simple charm of this shipping container home shines through at first glance, and we can already see ourselves sitting on that front porch and enjoying everything the landscape has to offer.

The front facade has a fresh, modern look with the large picture windows that face outwards down the driveway. We love the way these windows reflect the natural allure of the surroundings and how it adds to the look of the entire house. It fits in perfectly with the purity of the woods while still looking like a comfortable and stylish home that you want to spend time in.

The rawness of using shipping containers to build a home sometimes has a way of looking too unrefined. However, in this case, it works so well with the corrugated design of the front porch awning. We love that the designers of this shipping container cabin left the exterior as rough-hewn as they did.

While the outside of this shipping container cabin is a tribute to the reclaimed materials it is made of, the interior is all traditional country cabin. The raw wood of the walls immediately gives the inside a warm feel that is essential for the type of living that is encouraged here. Easygoing is the name of the game here, and we love that the interior reflects that/

The flooring and furnishings, though, are all luxury. Rich leather furniture and polished hardwood floors give this shipping container cabin more of that rustic appeal while still feeling lavish and even slightly upscale. This is a great contrast that gives you a best of both worlds that is hard to beat.

The bedrooms are small but cozy and comfortable. More of that raw wood adorns the walls and gives you the true country cabin experience. There are also plenty of windows, which are essential in any shipping container cabin to bring in fresh, natural light.

The bathrooms spare no expense when it comes to comfort, either. The full bath features a shower and a vanity with a modern vessel sink that we think is a fantastic detail. It really is the little things that make this shipping container cabin easy on the eyes and comfortable to be in. They allow you to get the full experience of a country cabin without having to sacrifice any of the amenities that come with a luxury vacation home.

The living area is spacious and can accommodate many more people than it seems like when you are just looking at the outside. One of the ways the designers of this shipping container cabin have created that feeling of space is by using dropped ceiling beams. This is an essential technique when working with a small space and combined with the corrugated metal of the ceiling, it gives off an almost opulent aesthetic.

The kitchen is another unique feature of this shipping container cabin. The raw wood of the walls continues with the cabinetry and we love the galvanized metal tub that acts as a vessel sink. This tribute to the rustic living of the area is one of the things that makes this home so uniquely beautiful and interesting to look at. 

This shipping container cabin stays true to its roots while still offering so many modern comforts. We love how the attention to detail continues throughout the entire home and offers surprises everywhere you look. With so much to offer, it is a wonderful example of the unique things you can do with such a simple floor plan.

So what do you think? Would you stay here for $145/night? 🙂

Information SourceAirbnb

Photo Source:  Airbnb

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