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DIY Shipping Container Swimming Pool: Create Your Own Pool With A Shipping Container Pool Kit

DIY Shipping Container Swimming Pool: Create Your Own Pool With A Shipping Container Pool Kit

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own swimming pool, you can now make it a reality with a shipping container pool kit.

This innovative solution allows you to transform a simple shipping container into a refreshing oasis right in your backyard.

With easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary materials included in the kit, you’ll be able to enjoy a cool dip in no time.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of DIY swimming pools, a shipping container pool kit is the perfect solution for you.

With its simplicity, affordability, and customizability, you can create your own pool and make a splash with your very own creation.

Start your pool-building journey today and enjoy the refreshing rewards of having your own backyard oasis.

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Key Takeaways

  • If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient way to have your own swimming pool, consider using a shipping container pool kit.
  • These kits provide everything you need to transform a shipping container into a stylish and functional pool. With easy-to-follow instructions, the process becomes simple and hassle-free.
  • Using a shipping container pool kit allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool right in your backyard.
  • The kit allows you to have a pool that perfectly fits your space and design preferences.
  • The kit provides all the necessary components, such as a pool liner, filtration system, and ladder.

  • Investing in a shipping container pool kit gives you the opportunity to create a unique and functional swimming pool without the complexities of traditional construction.
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What is a Shipping Container Pool Kit?

A shipping container pool kit is a ready-made package of materials that allows you to build your own pool using a shipping container.

The kit usually includes all the essential components you need to get started, such as a liner, pump, filter, and skimmer. This means you won’t have to worry about sourcing these items separately.

You can even customize the pool with additional features like decking and lighting, creating your own personalized oasis.

The price of a container pool kit can vary from $7,000 to over $30,000, depending on the size and features offered.

Where Can I Buy a Shipping Container Pool Kit?

Most shipping container pools are not sold as kits. Instead, they are typically sold directly by the companies that provide them.

The following suppliers usually offer comprehensive packages that include all the components needed to set up and use the pool: 

This includes the container itself, necessary plumbing and electrical work, as well as delivery services.

Here are some businesses that sell shipping container pools directly:


Modpools offers customizable shipping container pools that can be installed in any backyard, regardless of their size, shape, or pool design. They are available in both the USA and Canada.

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Steelwater Pools

Steelwater Pools provide easily installable 20- or 40-foot-long pools. They also offer various liner and decking options for customization.

Trek Pools

Trek Pools transforms shipping containers into luxurious swimming pools that can be installed above or below ground. They also offer in-ground and standalone options, as well as pools with built-in hot tubs.

Building Your Pool with a Shipping Container Pool Kit

Building a container pool is an exciting project that can bring a unique touch to your backyard. But before you start to build a shipping container pool, there are a few important things to consider.

Choose the Location

Take some time to think about where you want your pool to be and how it will fit into your outdoor space. Keep factors like safety, functionality, and accessibility in mind when deciding the location.

Place your pool at least 10 feet away from any structures or fences. This helps prevent damage from water splashing or potential leaks.

It’s recommended to have a distance of 20 feet from your house and 10 feet from other objects. This ensures that there’s enough space for maintenance and easy access to your pool.

If your property has a slope or incline, it’s best to place the pool on an elevated area or a concrete slab. This adds an extra layer of safety, as it helps to prevent any potential issues with water runoff or instability.

Get the Necessary Permits

Once you’ve decided, make sure to check with your local authorities to see if you need any permits or approvals.

These permits ensure that your pool meets all safety and building requirements set by your local government.

To get started, contact your city or county office to inquire about any specific permits or approvals you may need.

The city or county office will provide you with the necessary forms and guide you through the application process.

It’s a good idea to consult with a pool builder who’s experienced with container pools. They can offer valuable insights and ensure that your pool meets all the necessary regulations.

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Choose a Contractor if You Plan to Hire One

If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, it’s a good idea to hire a contractor who’s experienced in working with shipping container pools.

They’ll know all the ins and outs of the process and can ensure that everything is done correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and examples of their previous work.

To find the right contractor for the job, start by researching local pool manufacturers or companies that specialize in building container pools. Take the time to check their websites, read reviews, and ask for references.

Avoid companies that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, as they may not provide the quality or customization you desire for your pool.

It’s worth taking the time to find a contractor who has the skills and experience to meet your specific needs.

Ensure That the Container is Level Before Filling It With Water

Before filling your container with water and creating your own pool using a shipping container pool kit, make sure to check if the container is level. This is to help maintain the stability of your pool and prevent any issues with the waterline.

To level the container, start by using a spirit level or a straight edge along with a pencil. Mark the desired waterline on each side of the container.

Once you have marked the waterline, place the marked points together and measure the distance between them.

If there’s a difference of more than an inch, you’ll need to use shims to level the container. It’s recommended to place the container on a pre-made concrete slab to simplify this process.

This will provide a solid foundation for your pool and make it easier to achieve the desired level.

Once you have leveled the container and ensured that the waterline is even on all sides, you can proceed with filling up your container pool.

This will allow you to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable swimming experience.

Test the pH Levels of the Water

Once your pool is ready to go, it’s time to test the pH levels of the water. This is an important step to ensure that your swimming experience is enjoyable and safe.

You can use testing kits that are readily available and follow the instructions to get accurate results.

In the case of a shipping container pool kit, the size of the container will determine the amount of water needed and the frequency of pH testing.

Make sure to clean the container walls. This will prevent any contaminants from affecting the pH levels of the water.

Once the container is filled, use a pool test kit to measure the pH levels. Ideally, the pH levels should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8 for an above-ground pool.

If the pH levels aren’t within the ideal range, adjustments can be made using the appropriate chemicals.

Regularly testing and maintaining the pH levels won’t only ensure the safety of your shipping container pool but also provide an enjoyable swimming experience.

Maintaining the right pH levels will help keep your pool clean and prevent any discomfort or skin irritation.

To prevent debris from contaminating the water, it’s recommended to cover your pool with a pool cover when it isn’t in use. This will help maintain the water quality and reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

Add Some Finishing Touches to the Project

You can enhance your pool by incorporating steps, ladders, or even a built-in bar for added convenience.

Make sure that any additions are firmly attached to the container to prevent detachment and potential safety risks.

A helpful tip: Before filling your container with water, double-check for sharp edges or any objects that could potentially puncture the liner.

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Benefits of a Shipping Container Pool Kit

Shipping container pool kits offer many benefits for your DIY swimming pool project. Whether you want an above-ground or in-ground pool, these kits make installation easy.

Everything you need, including the pool shell, filtration system, and accessories, comes in one package, saving you time and effort. There is no need to make multiple trips to different suppliers.

You can choose from different pool types, like lap pools or plunge pools, depending on your preferences and available space.

These kits are designed to be durable and long-lasting, as shipping containers are built to withstand tough conditions. So you can enjoy your container pool for years to come.

With a shipping container pool kit, you can have your own swimming pool without the hassle of coordinating different suppliers or worrying about the durability of the materials.

It’s a convenient and reliable option for anyone looking to create their own backyard oasis. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or simply want to save money on pool installation, a shipping container pool kit is worth considering.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to have your own swimming pool, consider creating one with a shipping container pool kit.

These kits provide everything you need to transform a shipping container into a stylish and functional pool. With step-by-step instructions, the process becomes easy and hassle-free.

Investing in a shipping container pool kit gives you the opportunity to create a unique and functional swimming pool without the complexities of building a traditional pool.

It’s a simple and creative solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a pool in a convenient and affordable way.

So why not consider turning a shipping container into your dream pool?

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