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Greetings from Florida! 🙂

The Pinellas Park shipping container home is located in the Pinellas Art Village in Florida. Owner Derek Donnelly wanted a space that was both a modern dwelling and a public art studio and gallery space. An artist himself, Donnelly is thrilled to be able to share this beautiful container house with the artist community.

This container house is built from a total of 7 shipping containers and arranged in such a way to get the maximum amount of space for community gatherings and art shows. At the same time, it is an incredibly visually appealing container house that we just can’t get enough of. The aesthetically pleasing arrangement of the layout is definitely the product of an artist’s eye. 

The black and white motif of the exterior is accented with a wood panel on the top floor that is a great, eye catching statement. It also helps separate the gallery space downstairs from the upstairs living space. We also love the use of pane glass on the facade that creates a welcoming entrance for the public. 

The upstairs living space is an elegant and modern area that is perfect for an artist. With a spare and tasteful interior design, there are no extraneous touches and nothing that isn’t in its proper place. We love the beige color and the warm tones that adorn this space and make it incredibly pleasing to look at. 

The kitchen is just as comforting to look at as the main living area. Stainless steel appliances cut a nice contrast with the toned down color scheme and help to enhance the modern, almost industrial feel of this container house. The open floor plan is another modern touch that is very “of the moment” and contemporary. 

The downstairs gallery space is a blank slate that is designed to be turned into anything that the artist desires it to be. Because of this, it exudes a clean, blank feel that is still inviting and welcoming to anyone who happens to stop by. Combining this with the white cement floors allows for any kind of installation in this space.

We also love the areas of the gallery space that have been left with the raw shipping container interiors. This gives the space an industrial feel that will help any artist feel right at home. Being able to envision any kind of use of this space is a key element to any gallery, and the Pinellas Park container house allows this easily.

This container house at night cuts a beautiful profile that has tons of curb appeal. It fits in with its surroundings perfectly and somehow maintains its rustic feel while still keeping a curated, designed cleanliness about it. We love the spot lighting that surrounds the perimeter and creates a good amount of illumination for any late night art opening. 

As pleasing as the front of this container house is, the back of it is even more beautiful. We love the addition of the second wood panel that offsets the rawness of the shipping containers. It gives each container its own feel without making it look too disjointed and thrown together. As stated above, it is obviously the product of a scrupulous designer who has taken every detail into consideration and created something outstanding.

Perhaps one of the most appealing elements of this container house is the back porch balcony. There is something almost nautical about its design and it brings the entire home together with its beautiful outdoor area and large pane windows leading back to the interior. 

So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂

Information SourceTampa Bay

Photo Source:  Sun Dog Structures

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