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How to Finance a Shipping Container Home

How to Finance a Shipping Container Home

Building your own home is an incredibly exciting process that a lot of people dream about. However, if you have looked at the prices for home building, you might think it is out of reach.

Fortunately, the alternative housing movement is booming and there are a lot of options for you. One of the most popular options is to finance a shipping container home and make your dreams come true. 

finance a container home

One of the issues that can arise when you go to finance a shipping container home is reluctance.

Some banks aren’t quite on board with the idea of alternative housing. However, that is quickly changing with the popularity of unique home builds all over the country. Now more than ever, you should be able to get the loan you need for your home. 

Can You Finance a Shipping Container Home? 

It may seem difficult to finance a shipping container home, especially if you are new to the concept.

While it is true that you will have more difficulty than in a traditional home, it is not impossible.

There are plenty of ways that you can maximize your odds and make sure that you are prepared. If you can show that you are serious and can back up your loan, you shouldn’t have issues. 

One of the reasons that it might be difficult to finance a shipping container home is collateral.

Since many banks don’t understand the value of these homes, they are reluctant to take them as security. However, if you can show the projected value of the home, you can help your case quite a bit. Knowing what you should have ready can help you prepare to get the financing you need. 

How to Finance a Shipping Container Home 

Have a Detailed Plan 

The best thing you can do for yourself when trying to finance a shipping container home is have a plan.

A detailed construction plan will show the bank that you have everything figured out. It will also show that you and your builder know what you are doing and that you understand the process.

This will go a long way with any loan officer and help you get the money you are looking for. 

A detailed construction plan should have projected costs for labor and materials.

This will help show the potential value of the container home, which will help when offering it for collateral. You and your builder should be able to come up with a relatively accurate cost projection. Based on this, you can find out the amount you need for your loan to make your project happen. 

Understand Building Codes 

If you want to have the best possible chance at getting a loan, understand your local building codes. Almost every city, town, county, and municipality has building codes of some sort.

Knowing what your town’s are like can help you be prepared. Most lending institutions will want you to be aware of the rules and make sure you follow them. 

finance a container home

You can find out about your local building codes at your county assessor’s office. They will be able to help you make sure that container homes are allowed. Not all counties allow them and many have special requirements. Knowing these before you try to get funding is going to be incredibly helpful. 

Speak to Other Shipping Container Home Owners 

Before you start looking for a lender, be sure to seek out other container homeowners in your area.

Even if there aren’t any in your immediate area, there may be some a little bit further out. Talking to people who have successfully managed to do what you are trying to do will be a big help. It will give you some firsthand guidance and allow you to avoid some mistakes. 

Find out what banks the other container homeowners in your area worked with.

This will help you narrow down your search and find banks that are willing to work with you. You can also find out what builders they worked with and other incredibly helpful information. Other container homeowners will be more than happy to work with you and help you out. 

Buy Land First 

The best thing you can do before you start looking for financing is have a piece of land already.

This will not only show that you have started the process, but it will also show that you are serious. Banks want to see that you will actually finish the entire build. This lowers their potential risk and will help you prove that you are committed to the project. 

finance a container home

You will most likely need to get a loan for the piece of land as well. However, there are different rules and requirements for a land loan.

You will most likely not use the same institution for both loans.

When you finance a shipping container home, this will probably be in the form of a construction loan. 

Work With an Established Builder 

Before you start looking for financing, make sure that you are working with an established builder.

A contractor that is trusted by banks will be a big help to you throughout the process. This will show that you have professionals on your side who can guide you. The odds are good that the bank will be familiar with trusted builders and give you more leeway. 

An established builder will also be able to help you make financing decisions. They will most likely have suggestions on banks you should use. They will also know how to put together a professional, detailed construction plan. This is crucial when trying to finance a shipping container home. 


When looking to finance a shipping container home, preparation is key. By having everything you need when you go into your first meeting, you can give yourself good odds of approval. There is nothing that banks like to see more than people who are prepared and ready to go. It will be especially important for such a unique project. 

If you would like more helpful information, be sure to check out the rest of There, you will find all kinds of guides like this one as well as featured homes. These will help get you inspired so you can build your own custom dream home. 

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