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Alistair Imrie’s Container Home in Costa Rica

Alistair Imrie’s Container Home in Costa Rica

Nestled in a lush landscape in the heart of Costa Rica, sits quietly among the trees Alistair Imrie’s container home.

A blend of simplicity and modern living.

In many ways, this container home is unlike anything we’ve seen and we can’t wait to show you how Alistair has found his unique style of combined eco-living and modern design.streamlined architectureIn many ways, this container home is unlike anything we’ve seen and we can’t wait to show you how Alistair has found his unique style of combined eco-living and streamlined architecture.

container home in costa rica

The first thing that grabs our attention is the deck, framed by sturdy wooden beams. This open frame suggests the beginnings of a shaded area, possibly a future pergola, blending functionality with an inviting aesthetic.

The dark exterior of the container home contrasts with the warm tones of the wooden deck and the lush greenery, creating a look that is both striking and harmonious with its surroundings. As you approach, the sleek black-paneled facade and expansive glass windows immediately draw your attention. These windows reflect the surrounding foliage, merging the home’s modern lines with the natural beauty of the Costa Rican landscape.

In the early morning, sunlight filters through the dense canopy of trees, casting playful shadows on the ground. This deck is envisioned as a haven for morning yoga sessions, a peaceful spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, or simply a place to soak in the serene surroundings.

Each element of this space is designed to foster a connection with nature while providing a comfortable and stylish outdoor living area.


container home in costa rica

The spacious wooden deck extends seamlessly from the home, featuring an inviting embedded pool. Its light wood tones offer a warm contrast to the darker facade of the container home. The simple, sturdy wooden beams frame the deck, hinting at future enhancements like a pergola for shaded relaxation. This open layout encourages you to step outside and enjoy the serene surroundings, whether for a quiet morning by the pool or an intimate gathering with friends.

container home in costa rica

The closer look at the back of the home highlights the interplay of indoor and outdoor living. The dark panels and large glass windows merge modern elegance with the natural environment, creating a reflective and tranquil space. The addition of an outdoor shower adds a functional yet refreshing touch, perfect for cooling off on warm Costa Rican afternoons. This design choice further integrates the living experience with the lush landscape, enhancing the home’s connection to its surroundings.

We love the way the wood pillars with the light fixtures bring a bit of old-fashioned style. The natural wood deck is a great way to offset the rest of the home.

It provides an organic-looking touch that is much needed with dark colors and metal and it is important to make this container home fit in so well with the beautiful surroundings.

container home in costa rica

The front facade of Alistair Imrie’s container home immediately draws your eye, with its wide glass panels. Not just a modern design statement—these windows flood the interior with natural light and offer uninterrupted views of the lush Costa Rican forest.

Being able to have such a beautiful view is a great way to enjoy nature from your living room. 

container home in costa rica

One of the standout features of this container home in Costa Rica is its striking wooden siding. The vertical planks of natural wood add a warm, organic touch that contrasts beautifully with the home’s modern design. This siding not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also integrates sustainably with the natural surroundings.

The subtle variations in the wood’s patina give the exterior a rustic charm, making the home feel both contemporary and rooted in its environment. Just like the deck, this natural element helps bridge the indoor and outdoor spaces.

container home in costa rica

The wooden siding and the two large windows at the back of the home create a striking visual. As the sun goes down, the warm light from inside spills through these tall windows, casting a welcoming glow on the exterior. This interplay of light and natural materials not only enhances the home’s aesthetic appeal but also creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

container home in costa rica

Building a container home like this one in Costa Rica highlights a blend of simplicity and ingenuity. The core structure consists of four shipping containers, stacked to form a solid and practical framework. While the initial assembly is straightforward, involving careful placement and securing of these containers, the process evolves with the addition of thoughtful design elements.

This step-by-step approach transforms basic materials into a uniquely beautiful and functional home.

container home in costa rica

In this close-up view of the container home, we see the sleek, vertical wooden siding that extends to the second floor, framing large, clean-lined windows. These upper-level windows invite ample daylight into the space and provide picturesque views of the surrounding canopy.

container home in costa rica

The embedded pool on the deck is undeniably one of the highlights of this container home. Surrounded by the warm tones of natural wood, the pool’s crystal-clear water offers a refreshing escape from the tropical heat.

The design of the pool seamlessly integrates with the deck, creating a cohesive outdoor space that invites relaxation and leisure. Whether you’re taking a dip to cool off or simply enjoying the serene view, this pool adds a luxurious touch to the home’s overall aesthetic, perfectly complementing the tranquil surroundings.


Inside the container home, the minimalist design stands out in its simplicity. The all-white walls create a clean, open atmosphere that provides a striking juxtaposition with the rich, natural tones of the wooden exterior. This interior space is like a blank canvas, ready for the owners to personalize and make their own.

Living Area

container home in costa rica

The large sliding glass doors connect the living area to the outside deck and pool, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. The sleek floating staircase contributes to the home’s airy and expansive vibe.

Whether you want to keep the space open or separate it out, there is ample room for both. Plus, the modern, simple layout is incredibly beautiful on its own. 

container home in costa rica

One of the standout features of the living area is the sleek, modern staircase leading to the loft. This floating staircase is both a functional element and a visual focal point, designed with simplicity and elegance. Its minimalist approach draws the eye without overwhelming the space, adding a sophisticated touch to the room.

container home in costa rica

This room features a large window that floods the space with sunlight, offering a clear view of the surrounding neighborhood.


The bathroom in this container home is designed with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. It features a sleek, modern toilet and a spacious walk-in shower enclosed by a glass partition. The shower area is accented with marbled tiles and a small window that brightens the space.

container home in costa rica

This Costa Rican container home merges contemporary style with natural warmth effortlessly. From the inviting pool deck to the minimalist interior and striking wooden facade, each element is thoughtfully designed.

The home strikes a balance between simplicity and elegance, making it a unique and luxurious living space. What do you think of this blend of modern and natural design?

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