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Can Shipping Container Homes Be Moved?

Can Shipping Container Homes Be Moved?

Building your own home has a lot of benefits and can provide many different perks. However, even if you build a small custom home, odds are you will have to keep it in one place. Sometimes, it is ideal to be able to simply pick up your home and bring it to a new location. This is why many people ask, “can shipping container homes be moved?

Building a small, modular home is usually much easier than building a traditional house. Because of this, they are also easier to tear down and build in a different place. In this article, we have laid out everything you need to know about moving a shipping container home. By understanding the process, you can decide if one of these homes will suit your mobility needs. 

When Can Shipping Container Homes Be Moved? 

When asking “can shipping container homes be moved,” it is important to understand that it often depends. While some container homes can be moved very easily, others are more permanent. Because these homes are all different and have unique designs, not all of them are going to be mobile. However, some can be taken apart and moved around very easily and can even be on wheels. 

Shipping container homes can be moved as long as they can be taken apart. If your container home is welded together or arranged in a way that it can’t be disassembled, you can’t move it. However, if you design your home with mobility in mind, it is fairly easy to get it up on a truck. Understanding this process is the key to creating a mobile shipping container home. 

How to Move a Shipping Container Home 

Before you get started on moving your shipping container home, you will have to decide if it’s possible. Most shipping containers are designed to move on trucks and trains, so you shouldn’t have issues. However, if your home is made out of high-cube containers, you may have to use a specialized truck. Otherwise, the payload will be too high to transport the containers. 

can shipping container homes be moved

You also need to consider how far the containers are going to be shipped. If you are only moving them a couple of miles, you shouldn’t run into any problems. For further relocations, though, you may need some specialized equipment. You will also have to look up any laws regarding payloads and hauling in the area you are moving. 

Clear Out the Home 

Once you have decided that you can move your container home, you will need to clear it out. This is perhaps the most important step and needs to be done thoroughly and completely. However, if your container home has any framing inside, you can leave it. You do not need to take down the actual structure of the home’s interior, just the inside contents. 

One of the nice things about a shipping container home is that they are relatively minimal. If you can secure the contents of the home, such as the furniture, you may not have to remove it. If this is the case, you can strap things down and hold them in place for the move. It is a good idea to consult with the moving company on this, though to get an expert opinion. 

Disassemble the Containers 

Once you have removed everything from the home, you can then start to disassemble the containers. If you are planning on moving your home eventually, it is best to keep this step in mind as you build. Welding the containers together will make this step very difficult. Not only will you need to detach them, but you will also have to reattach them when you get the home moved. 

When asking “can shipping container homes be moved,” this is the step that most people are worried about the most. Fortunately, you don’t have to weld containers together to make them structurally sound. In fact, you can make them easily detachable using threshold plates and bolts. This way, all you have to do is unbolt them and they will come apart and go back together very easily. 

Choose a Transportation Method 

You will have to figure out the best transportation method when moving your shipping container home. If you are moving your containers under 200 miles, a tilt bed truck is your best bet. This will not only make loading easy, but it will also be very easy to unload the containers. Using this method, you will not need any extra equipment such as a crane or winch. 

can shipping container homes be moved

If you have to move your containers more than 200 miles, a flatbed truck is your best bet. This is because the containers will have to be secured very tightly to the truck. With this method, you will need to use a crane to load and unload them. Because of this, it is best to only move long distances if you absolutely have to and can afford the expense. 

Unload the Containers 

Once you get the containers to the new location, they will get unloaded off the truck. Before this happens, make sure that you have hookups ready for any utilities. This will help eliminate issues and ensure that the plot of land is as prepared as possible. You don’t want to have to be scrambling for water service while the containers are being unloaded. 

can shipping container homes be moved

If you have moved the containers with a flatbed truck, you will need a crane to unload them. If you are using a tilt bed truck, they can simply be slid off. Once the containers are in place, you can reattach them using the bolts and threshold plates. After that, you can move all your belongings back in and enjoy your container home’s new location. 


By reading this guide, you should have an answer to the question of “can shipping container homes be moved?” Knowing what goes into this process and what you need can help you decide if yours can move. By taking the time to be as prepared as possible, you can easily make the move. 

If you would like more guides like this one, be sure to check out the rest of There, you will find helpful tips and tricks from the pros as well as featured container homes. These featured homes will help get you inspired for your own custom container house. 

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