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3 Bed Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

3 Bed Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

The charm of a 3 bed shipping container home floor plans container home lies in its flexibility and versatility. No wonder creative people gravitate towards this type of residence.

Just how much imagination can you transform into reality?

The 8 floor plans below demonstrate the limitless potential of shipping containers as the foundation of a dwelling.


3 bed shipping container home floor plans, 2-Container Floor Plans with Unique 1-Story Layouts

How do you design a 1-story, 3 bedroom home with a patio using two 40×8-foot containers? Let us count the ways…

This T-shaped 1-story dwelling is one of the most exceptional container homes we’ve seen. You enter the abode from a patio set on one corner where the horizontal and vertical portions meet.

The front door is fixed in the middle of the horizontal part. It opens to the kitchen, which is equipped with a 3 seater counter that allows the owners to do away with the need for a dining area. To the left is one bedroom with its own bathroom.

To the right of the kitchen is the vertical section. One bedroom is situated in front with a standalone bathroom beside it. And at the back, another bedroom is added. In between them is the living room. How ingenious is that?

You might be thinking, what’s so unique about a rectangular shaped container home? After all, that is the structure’s natural shape. But look closely and you’ll see what we mean. Yes, between the two 40×8-foot containers is a patio sized 10×20 feet. It separates the house into two distinct parts, but holds them together into a single configuration where traffic flows both ways seamlessly.

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On one side of the yard is one container with the entrance leading to the flexible dining-living area, which occupies half of the entire space. One bedroom with its own bathroom takes up the other half.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the patio, the door opens to the middle of the other container. Here, you can find the kitchen with a utility room to the right and one bedroom to the left end of the structure. To the right end is the third bedroom with one standalone bathroom beside it.

What makes this residence quite different from most of the rectangular shaped container homes we’ve seen is that it boasts of two front doors with a patio in the middle. One leads to the living room with the kitchen behind it, while the other opens to the dining area.

Using two 40×8-foot containers placed side by side, this floor plan automatically provides a wall that separates the back bedroom from the common areas in front. This sleeping space also comes with its own bathroom.In a masterful space-saving stroke, the two other bedrooms are situated in the east wing. One is in front with a utility room beside it, while the other is at the back with an adjacent standalone bathroom.

3 Bedroom, 4-Container Floor Plans in Unique Shapes

Most 3 bed shipping container home floor plans owners are known to possess a creative streak. It is usually the reason why they opt for this type of structure, which allows them to unleash their artistry. Below are three examples of inspired and inspiring designs using 4 containers sized 40×8 feet.

This 1-story container home is L-shaped! What we love about the layout is the outdoor space in front, which can serve as a parking bay, yard, or garden.

The front door opens to a spacious living room, with the kitchen to the right. It is equipped with a 4-seater island, which serves as the dining area.

Another feature we love in this floor plan is that all the common areas are placed on one side, while all the sleeping quarters are on the other.

And, surprise! One of the 3 bed shipping container home floor plans is a master suite with its own master bathroom and master closet. The two other bedrooms share a standalone bathroom.

What do you get when you attach a pair of horizontal 40×8-foot containers to a vertical pair of the same size? A T-shaped home!

In this blueprint of 3 bed shipping container home floor plans, the common areas are found in the horizontal section, while the sleeping quarters are housed in the vertical portion.

The front door takes you to the middle of the living room and the kitchen-dining area which comes with an 8-seater island.

From the living area, you can access the master suite located at the back, and the two other bedrooms in the front and middle, with a shared bathroom in between.

Would you believe that a 2-story dwelling in a 3 bed shipping container home floor plans can be constructed into an L-shape using four
40×8-foot containers? We couldn’t at first, but the floor plan above proved us wrong.

The secret is in setting one pair vertically and another pair horizontally, with one end on top of the other. And then, a stairway is added to the middle of the house, starting at the back part of the first floor and ending on the front part of the second story.

And if you love bathrooms, you will adore this container home. It offers a standalone on the ground floor, serving as a divider that separates the living room from the kitchen-dining area. On the second floor, a master suite has its own bathroom, while the two other bedrooms share one.

3 Bedroom, 6-Container Floor Plan

Yes, you read that right. Six containers! This 1-story, U-Shaped home is built on four 40×8-foot and two 20×8-foot containers.

The front door of the 3 bed shipping container home floor plans opens to the middle of a sprawling living room and a sizable kitchen-dining area with a 4-seater island.

In the west wing, the master suite is accessible only from the living room, ensuring peace and seclusion for its occupants.

And in the east wing, two large bedrooms share one standalone bathroom in the middle. All are accessible only from the kitchen, which also guarantees privacy.

If you enjoy a spacious dwelling, then this floor plan is perfect for you. As a bonus, the U-shaped outline provides a courtyard that can accommodate multiple vehicles.

What’s Next?

If these 8 floor plans for 3 bed shipping container home floor plans houses have stirred your imagination, it’s your turn to utilize shipping containers in the construction of your future home.

More than being vessels of ingenuity, containers are made of durable materials, ensuring stability in any type of weather. So, you can build not only your dream house but also your forever abode.

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