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Greetings from California! 🙂

Magic is bound to happen when you combine two sustainable architectural powerhouses. Such is the case with the elegant modular home we’re visiting today. In collaboration with Studio 101 Designs and construction company Blazer Industries, Michelle Kaufmann Studio sought to create a modern, energy efficient house that makes full use of the space confinements that come with two shipping containers. Mixing and matching materials and textures throughout, the finished shipping container home is a masterpiece and is definitely worthy of praise. Come with us and we’ll show you what makes this Atherton, CA residence a tiny living treasure.

Some gifts come wrapped in bows; this Northern California house is enveloped by its lush railed fences. As you gleefully begin unwrapping this charming gift, you should take some time to appreciate the finesse in its construction. Clear cedar siding completes its aesthetics and produces a quintessential contemporary ambiance.

Whether you feel like entering this house from the front, back or side entrance, you will be amazed by the interiors as soon as you hit the jackpot. See what we mean? In order to create the illusion of a larger space, Michelle Kaufmann Studio and co. chose to experiment with high ceilings, open-plan rooms, large windows and the wonders of natural lighting. The flooring, made with strand woven bamboo, harmonizes with the house’s gleaming white hues. As much as we love the natural night sky, you don’t need to go off-the-grid to feel like you’re relaxing under the stars. Just ease into this modern couch, and let the interior lights soothe you.

As you can see, even a narrow hallway can be embellished with practicality in mind. Make sure to check out the portraits and books before we make our final stop. Mirrors can really liven up a room. This container home’s bathroom takes it one step further by creating the spotlight illusion for its reflective protagonist.

But that’s not the only spectacle on the show: the bathroom is spacious enough to fit a shower and a bathtub. Both of which, you soon notice, have been jazzed up using contrasting tiling patterns. Admittedly, the tub is smaller in size – but the option is there for those days you feel like unwinding with a warm bath.

Alas, this tour will not include a bedroom. But we’ve seen enough of this dwelling to get a lesson of luxury at play. Container homes strive for environmental friendliness, and our modular construction masterminds definitely stayed true to form with this state-of-the-art Northern Californian residence.

So what do you think? Would you live in this charming shipping container home? 🙂

Information Source: Smaller Living

Photo Source: & Studio 101 Designs

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