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Greetings from New Zealand! 🙂

Today at Container Home Hub, we are checking out a stunning shipping container home made from two 40’ shipping containers. The containers are lined up parallel to each other. This creates a wide and spacious interior, measuring roughly 14′ across. With cargo doors on one end and exterior electrical boxes.

On the inside of the home, we find it is made up of two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a kitchen. All your typical appliances can be found in the home, including a washer and dryer. A heat pump is used for cooling and heating the home.

Some of the other features include:

  • Hardwood engineered flooring
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Double glazed aluminum windows
  • Floor and wall insulation
  • HVAC system
  • Red cedar accents
  • Large sliding glass doors in the living room area
  • Full appliances
  • Kitchen With Bar Seating
  • Open Concept
  • Second Bedroom
  • Outdoor Entertainment Space

The interior of this fantastic container home is a minimal modernist’s dream. The design is simply stunning and adds so much to the contemporary exterior. We love the arrangement of the furniture and the light, breezy flow of the entire front living area.

The off-white of the walls, combined with the light hardwood floors and wood paneled ceiling is like taking a breath of fresh air. Taking their cue from beach cabanas and other fun inspiration, the designers of this container home have created something very special. The black trim of the windows that matches the exterior paint is a beautiful contrast as well.

The kitchen area is one of the crown jewels of this modern container home. With a breakfast bar and a tucked away floor plan, it still manages to allow for conversation and connection. Keeping these elements in mind is one of the most important things in container home design.

With the large front sliding glass doors and windows that open up to the front, there is a real connection with the exterior of the home. The living area, dining area and patio are all linked together to create one big, cohesive space. We love the way this container home has been laid out.

The bedroom is small, but it is simple enough to not feel cramped or cluttered. With the right kind of furniture, there is no reason that two people couldn’t comfortably use this space. With the vented window right above the bed, there is plenty of warm natural light to brighten up this cozy room.

One of the things we love the most about this container home is that the large glass features are located on both sides of the living space. This gives anyone sitting in this room a feeling of width and distance between themselves and any of the walls in the home. This is incredibly clever and a great idea dreamed up by the designers.

One of the major challenges of building a container home is figuring out how to make it feel like there is more room than there actually is. Some container homes can feel crowded or too narrow. Cozy is one thing, but confined is quite another. That’s why we think this house is so wonderful. It manages to live up to the tiny house name, without feeling tiny at all!

All the elements of this container home come together to create something that is wonderfully unique and interesting. The functionality of every room shines through and it is entirely possible to host get-togethers and functions, even with the limited space. This attention to purpose is one of the things we love the most about it.

So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂

Information SourceContainer Management Group

Photo Source:  Container Management Group

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